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Info – Mono.NET and Visual Studio

For anyone who develops enterprise applications, games, websites or just for fun, and uses .NET and Visual Studio, will have probably have heard of the Mono Project. This project was devised by Novell and various partners to create a .NET Framework and C# which works across multiple platforms, including LINUX, Mac OSX etc. This allows developers to port apps easily without rewriting them in Native C++, Objective-C etc. There is even an iPhone  version (MonoTouch) which cab plugin to Xcode to create iPhone/iPod Touch/IPad Apps using C#:

Taken From

“When developers create iPhone and iPad applications using MonoTouch, they use the C# language to take advantage of the features found in .NET like garbage collection, full type safety, and Language Integrated Query while interfacing directly with iPhone OS libraries, including UIKIt, CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, GameKit, AudioToolbox, AVFoundation and many more.”

There are now some tools available to use within Visual Studio which can be purchased here which allows developers now to write all their applications for multiple platforms within one IDE, which lets face it is the best! At the moment, if you develop multiple Applications for other platforms you use:

  • Windows – Visual Studio
  • Android – Eclipse
  • Mac/iPhone/iPad – Xcode
  • Linux- SUSE

With the introduction of MonoDroid for Android development, us C# developers can now use 1 IDE + 1 language = LOTS  of platforms! Oh how i love OpenSource!!!

Oh and the introduction of XNATouch, there will be no need for OpenGL for the iPhone 🙂


Tutorial – How To Start a New XNA Project

Again, this is aimed at beginners who have just started using Visual Studio 2008. To start a new project:

XP Users:

  1. Use the mouse and hit Start icon in the left hand side.
  2. Navigate through All Programs->Microsoft Games Studio <Version number>Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  3. This will start Visual Studio IDE. Now to start a new Project navigate either:i) If VS2008 takes you to the Start Page tab (With the MSDN RSS Feeds etc), on thre top left hand  square  will will a square with clickable links:

ii) Or you can navigate by using File->New-Project and selecting one of the required XNA templates (Which should be under C#)

Tutorial – Installing XNA Games Studio

This ia quite an easy one really. You will need the following to begin coding XNA games:

  1. A PC (!)
  2. Visual Studio Express/Professional/Team Edition. If you want to code for Windows 7 Modile, you will need the 2010 edition.
  3. XNA Games Studio 3.1 or 4.0 (Only beta version is available at time of writing) for Windows 7 Mobile.
  4. You can sign up for the Creators Club website for free. If you want to install games on your Xbox you will need to pay a 4monthly fee of £39.99 or £60.00 for annual.

Then all installed and ready to go. There are requirements for Graphics Cards and shader models, but all modern cards should be ok for your needs.

The hardware requirements are though from Microsofts website:

“Hardware requirements are identical to those for Visual Studio 2008, plus a graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c and Shader Model 1.1 (Shader Model 2.0 is recommended and required for some Starter Kits). Zune development requires the Zune 3.0 firmware.