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8WeekGame – Competition 2 – Final Details

The details of the 2nd competition are:

◦Starts 4th October – Ends midnight on the 22nd November

◦2D Game – scrolling (Vertical OR Horizontal)

◦Cannot use Open Source pre-made libraries:
i) XNA Starter Kits
ii) Codeplex projects

NB: We can make a exception of the SpritePacker program BUT not the associated .DLL that you can use

◦The end game has to have at least:a) 1 working level
b) Menu
c) Game Start/Game over/Win Splash screen

◦Can use pre-built libraries for Physics Engines only

◦Can use the internet for Sprites/.fx files, levels and sounds.

◦If you are using other people’s assets, you MUST have a credits page, listing their names, and any
applicable URL’s. Last competition we didn’t do that which is bad sport really.

The competition this time around is:

Me (Gareth)

Paul Ledger

Shaw Young

Martin Elsworth.

So please welcome Paul to the next competition! I posed the following questions to each new member, and please see there answers:

Shaw Young:

A)      What languages/technologies you will be using

XNA I think!

B)      What type of game it will be (if you know)

Well I’m torn between a few ideas- but I think this is most likely going to be a fathom style game

C)      What type of game play you expect

So it will be a skill based game navigating your ship around tricky levels, fighting against gravity and NPC turrets and the like to collect stranded people.  Environments will be destructible (think worms, not red faction!).  I would like to have split screen multi-player which I think will be the most entertaining mode offering dog fights between players as well as collecting the stranded little guys, but may get dropped as I’m unsure if it will be do-able in 8 weeks!

D)      Any other comments

As reining champion, If I do loose this round it will be on purpose to give new comers a chance…

Paul Ledger:

A)      What languages/technologies you will be using

There is only one language, so its Objective-C, not sure yet but will probably use OpenGL, fall back is Quartz (iPhone)

B)      What type of game it will be (if you know)

Its going to be a sort of Defender game, but think instead of saving people you will be an alien abducting cows.

C)      What type of game play you expect


D)      Any other comments

You will all lose.

Martin Elsworth:

A)      What languages/technologies you will be using

Written in C# using the XNA framework.

B)      What type of game it will be (if you know)

A side scrolling beat ‘em up.

C)      What type of game play you expect

Double Dragon/Final Fight/Streets Of Rage meets Street Fighter!

D)      Any other comments

Possible game titles – Double Streets Of Final Fighter?  Or Final Streets Of Dragon Fighter!?

The same as before, we will write regular posts up here, plus information on the Facebook page which can be found here.

Still a while yet until the competition starts,  but enough time for us to design and plan our games better! YAY!
Watch this space.

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