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[MVC 3] Entity Framework and Serializing JSON–Circular References

[MVC 3] Entity Framework and Serializing JSON–Circular References

via [MVC 3] Entity Framework and Serializing JSON–Circular References.


Info – My Various Helpful Links

Hi Everyone,

Im still hard at work on my Xtyped game design specification, and hope to publish this soon. Im just threading some links which other indie developers may find helpful:

2D Particle Emitter

3D Misc:

3D Optimisation

Vector Addition/Subraction (Very Interesting)

Matrix vs. Quaternion Rotations

Verlet Mathes



NVDIA Shader Library

HLSL Introduction



Transformation and Collision of Sprites

Metanet Collision Techniques


3D Modelling:

Softimage – Linking to XNA Game Studio 4.0

Softimage – XSI Modelling Demo

Softimage – Video Tutorials

Maxs Realms


Misc Tutorials:

Nics GameDev

XNA Videos Course 101

XNA Videos Course 201


I will add more when i come across them 🙂 Obviously there are links to other Devs pages on the front left handside of the blog (blogroll) so feel free to browse”

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The endless silence



Oh well another night another foot in the mouth!! Bloody women. You think you understand their (critical) minds, then they go and blow it all over the water.


Im apologise for the stupidity as i have had a few glasses of wine and a bit merry!! Im awaiting  my Ogame fleet to arrive, so that i can continue with my life and goto bed!


YEAH!! Dreaming of weirdness, then another day programming, happy days!! Although it is Friday (worst day fo the week),  INP.PGM awaits!!




Good night and safe dreaming!