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Info – Common Intermediate Language

Visual overview of the Common CLR Language Inf...

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For anyone that is interested in how .NET operates under the bonet, or wonders how the Mono project can use the .NET Framework, then read about the CIL – Or as it was known MSIL.

In addition, any XNA developers out there who wants to squeeze every last ounce of bandwidth out of their games, then learning CIL is a good start. Use the programme Ildasm.exe to extract the Assembly from your binary.

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Info – Kinect Patent Now Available For Public Consumption

As reported by ign, the patent for the new motion controller that i believe will revolutionize not just the Xbox, but gaming in general, has now been released here.

Other – I have Internet Again!!!

At LAST! After 3 weeks of waiting since we first called them, BT have finally switched on our Internet! Yay! Which means i can get back to learning XNA and blogging about it – WOOP WOOP. Now the tutotials can start again.

Let the training commence!