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8Weekgame – Competition 2 – Named & Shamed


Hi Everyone,


Just a quick post to show you the awesome model a pal of mine done, Peter MacSorely (“Thanks Pete”):


Im now cleaning up my code to create some enemies flying around, and looking at doing some afterburner effects. LOTS to do:

  1. Enemies and AI
  2. PLayership weapons and upgrades
  3. Parallex scrolling
  4. Particle Effects for the starfield
  5. Shatter effect for exploding enemies
  6. Scoring system
  7. HUD
  8. Menu Screens
  9. Music and sound effects

I dont think im going to get it done the pace im going. Last week was meant to be immense coding, but due to a screaming/poorly Jude, only Collisions was done! DOH! I will be carrying on after the 8Weeks is up so i can release it via Xbox Live Indies Games and look to create a Windows Phone 7. I have also named the game X-Typed, as this is a R-Type like game, and i couldnt have XType because Jaguar has nicked that!


On a plus note, i did manage to purchase a HTC HD7 Windows Phone 7 phone, and i can say, its AWESOME.





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