8WeekGame – Competition 2 – Starts Today!

Its finally started! For 8 Weeks me, Shaw and Martin will be fighting it out to see who can make the best XNA game, the only brief, side scrolling + 1 playable level (Yes Gareth, playable!). Unfortunately our matey Paul Ledger has pulled out for being too overworked, “All Work, NO Play….” and all that!

Anyway we will be posting more information on our games and our progress on the offical 8WeekGame website, so please check there. I will be posting here also, so please stop by! Once the 8Weeks are up, the games will be downloadable on the 8WeekGame website and playable on PCs.
This will be my last 8WeekGame as a competitor. I want to actually release a Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) using Creators Club membership,  so i wont have the time to competite in the 3rd comp. I will though be hoping to create a whole new website to be released Feb 2011, when the next competition starts, which will hopefully allow other members of the public to sign up and participate. Watch this space on that one….

Microsoft XNA
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